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Professional stylists at an affordable price!

Haven’t you always wanted to tell your friends that you visit a world-class stylist? Now you can! At Astor Place Hairstylists, actors and A-list celebrities are just a few of the people whose heads we’ve touched. From musicians to artists, we’ve given haircuts to them all. As New York’s largest salon and barber (and one of the city’s oldest), we keep flourishing, now with over 60 stylists.

Since 1947, we’ve given you the best and most modern in hairstyles or hair care. From colors to cuts, styles to straightening, there’s nothing our international stylists can’t do.


Our stylists are here to help you get the style you've always wanted:

• Stylists from all over the world

• Over 60 stylists to choose from

• Most available all week long during business hours

• Consultations available - call for appointments


Do you already have a stylist or a recommendation you want to

call? Check out our stylist schedule sheet to find out their typical

days off and the hours available so you can make your next appointment!

$16 and up haircuts for the entire family. Walk-in appointments are welcome, so drop by! Our salon is staffed with licensed or certified: cosmetologists, manicurists, stylist, barbers, estheticians.

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Educated stylists from all over the world.

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