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Discover the history of Astor Place Hairstylists.

Founded in 1947, Astor Place Hairstylists has provided customers throughout New York and the boroughs with affordable, stylish haircuts and ‘dos that can’t be duplicated anywhere else. That’s why we always warn others: Watch out for imitators. There’s only one Astor Place.

Once just a 5-chair barbershop, we now have grown to over 70 chairs and into New York’s largest barbershop and salon. Our qualified, educated and friendly stylists come from around the world, bringing expertise on styles, cuts, color and more.


We’ve cut everyone at Astor Place - from your local neighbors to A-list celebrities and world-famous musicians. When you stop by our shop, take a peek at some of our favorite celebrity visitors.


With walk-in appointments, reasonable prices and a growing staff, you’ll be right at home at Astor Place Hairstylists. Enjoy the old-time charm of downtown New York when you step into our shop.


We speak multiple languages: Spanish, French, German, Polish, English, Russian, and Greek.

$16 and up haircuts for the entire family. Walk-in appointments are welcome, so drop by! Our salon is staffed with licensed or certified: cosmetologists, manicurists, stylist, barbers, estheticians.

How it all started:

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